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About Lyrical Icons:

This is a multi-fandom icon contest challenge. The pictures you choose to use can be from any fandom as long as it's appropriate. This is a lyric based icon challenge so every week (or however long I decide the time period is) there will be a new set of lyrics that you must use in your icons. Whether you use several lines from the song or just a single phrase is up to you so long as part of the song appears on your icon. When we get more participants I'll make a more definite time frame.

1. Icon must have selected lyrics on it.
2. Submit your icon with the picture and with the link.
3. No 'dirty' icons. No extreme nudity.
4. Icons must by 100x100 (or smaller).
5. Don't vote for yourself.
6. Don't have your friends vote for you.
7. You can submit 2 icons!
8. More rules when and if I think of them.
9. Have fun!
10. *new* You must vote in order to win.

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